CAE 331 : Phonetics and Phonology

Phonetic Font

For many of the materials, you will need to download the phonetic font. Please make sure you have it installed on your computer.


Extra Materials for Consonants
Actually and Basically
Connected Speech


Sample transcription
DD Wolf

Course Outline

Course outline
Academic Dishonesty
Assignment Cover Sheet


Vowel Chart DD
Vowel Chart (Wolf)
Vowel Chart (Conversation)
Diphthong t-tests
VOT t-tests

The Sounds of English, Chapter 28

Sound Waves/Waveforms: pp. 243-244
Spectrograms: pp. 244-245
Formants and Vowel Quality: pp. 246-247
Formants and Vowel quality: limitations: pp. 247-248
Formant Transitions: pp. 248-244
Voicing: p. 250
Pitch: pp. 251-252

Other Papers

How many Vowel sounds are there in English?
How many Consonant sounds are there in English?
Emergent patterns in Singapore vowels