Phonetic Fonts

To install the Phonetic Font, you need to download the font file and save it in the following directory:


Click here to download the font.

When you have done it, re-load (refresh) this page and check the appearance of the following:

/&/ should look like /ae/, and NOT like /&/

/Q/ should look like /D/ and NOT like /Q/.

/T/ should look like a theta, and NOT like /T/.

Hope it works as expected! Remember:

/"f@netIks Iz "lQts @v "fVn/


Locating keys for the Times New Roman Phonetic Font:

Vowels key (i.e.)   Consonants key (i.e.)
[I] I shift-i   [N] N shift-n
[U] U shift-u   [T] T shift-t
[A] A shift-a   [D] D shift-d
[&] & shift-7   [S] S shift-s
[@] @ shift-2   [Z] Z shift-z
[3] 3 3        
[O] O shift-o   Stress    
[V] V shift-v   primary : " " shift-'
[Q] Q shift-q   secondary : % % shift-5

Note : shift-' for primary stress does not work in Word unless you have "smart quotes" switched off
-- see Tools menu > AutoCorrect > AutoFormat As You Type.