AAE 103 : Understanding the Sounds and Words of English

1. L1. Introduction
  L2. Verb Inflections
2. L3. Noun Inflections
  L4. Derivational Suffixes
3. L5. Letter-to-Sound Rules: Vowels
  L6. Letter-to-Sound Rules: Consonants
4. L7. Phonics
  L8. Singapore Vowels and Consonants
5. L9. American English
  L10. Syllable Structure
6. L11. Weak Forms / Reduced Vowels
  L12. Linking / Assimilation
7. L13. Estuary English
  L14. Rhythm
8. L15. Intonation 1
  L16. Intonation 2
9. L17. Intonation 3.
  L18. Discourse Intonation
10. L19. Singapore Intonation
  L20. Current Changes: Sounds
11. L21. Current Changes: Words
  L22. Current Changes: Grammar
12. TEST
  (test returned)