The NIE Corpus of Spoken Singapore English


The interviews all involved subjects (S) being interviewed by a British male (I).  To ensure high quality for the speech of the subjects, the microphone was placed close to them.

Some comparison recordings were made of British speakers, in exactly the same recording conditions as for the Singaporeans.  If some feature of the speech is claimed to belong to Singapore English, it is useful to know if this feature also occurs in other varieties of English, or if it is unique to Singapore.  The recordings of the British speakers should allow this.

recording conditions transcription conventions

female speakers male speakers British female speakers British male speakers
F1       F2       F3 M1       M2       M3 BF1 BM1
F4       F5       F6 M4       M5       M6 BF2 BM2
F7       F8       F9 M7       M8       M9 BM3
F10     F11     F12 M10     M11     M12
F13     F14     F15 M13     M14     M15
F16     F17     F18
F19     F20     F21
F22     F23     F24
F25     F26     F27
F28     F29     F30

For further details, contact David Deterding or Low Ee Ling.