The NIE Corpus of Spoken Singapore English

Recording Conditions

The recordings were all in the form of an interviewer asking questions to the subject. The voice of the interviewer is quite faint, because the microphone was placed close to the subject, to ensure the highest quality of recording and thereby facilitate detailed acoustic measurements.

The recordings were made using CSL software (Model 4400) from KAY, and recorded directly onto a PC computer at 22050 Hz sampling rate, with a SHURE SM48 Dynamic microphone.

The recordings each lasted 5 minutes -- the duration of recording was set at 300 seconds. Immediately after each recording, the subject was asked to listen to the recording and identify any parts that s/he wished to be removed. A few such sections were deleted in this way.

Each recording has been broken down in smaller chunks, to allow easy downloading. The division of the files was done at convenient breaking points in the interview.