The NIE Corpus of Spoken Singapore English

The NIE Corpus of Spoken Singapore English aims to provide high-quality recordings of Singaporean speakers.  The aim of the corpus is to facilitate acoustic/phonetic analysis of Singapore English.  In order to eliminate background noise and thereby facilitate acoustic/phonetic measurement, all recordings were made directly onto the computer in the NIE Phonetics Laboratory.


    The North Wind and the Sun

    Extra final consonants

Further details about this corpus can be found in SAAL Quarterly No 56, Nov 2001, pp.2-5. Alternatively, you can contact David Deterding or Low Ee Ling.

Work on this corpus was supported by a grant from NIE Research Project RP 11/99 LEL: An Acoustic Analysis of Singapore English with special reference to its pedagogical applications.

Other researchers are welcome to use this data, as long as they acknowledge the source. David Deterding & Low Ee Ling, 2001.