Singapore English

David Deterding

Edinburgh University Press
ISBN : 978-0-7486-2544-4 (hbk) 978-0-7486-2545-1 (pbk)

This book provides an overview of Singapore English in straightforward, non-technical language, including coverage of:

  • pronunciation, including comparisons with the pronunciation of English in other countries of South-East Asia
  • morphology and grammar
  • words, including instances where the meaning is distinct from other varieties of English
  • discourse patterns, including use of particles such as lah
  • history and current developments

All the findings presented in the book are illustrated with extensive examples from one hour of recorded conversational data from the Lim Siew Hwee Corpus of Informal Singapore Speech, as well as some extracts from the NIE Corpus of Spoken Singapore English. You can listen to the data extracts at:

Chapter 2. Phonetics and Phonology

Chapter 3. Morphology and Syntax

Chapter 4. Discourse and Lexis

The Lim Siew Hwee Corpus: Data for iF13