A Corpus of Spoken PRC English

David Deterding, June 2005

The corpus aims to provide high-quality recordings of speakers from the People's Republic of China.  All recordings were made directly onto the computer in the Phonetics Laboratory at NIE in Singapore.

Thirteen students have so far been recorded, reading the North Wind and the Sun passage and being interviewed for two minutes by a speaker of British English. None of them had met the interviewer prior to the recording.

Student  Age  From   
      F119Liaoning NWS   Interview  Usually
      F218Jiangsu NWS Interview 
      F319Zhejiang NWS Interview 
      M120Henan NWS Interview 
      M219Jiangxi NWS Interview 
      M320Shandong   NWS InterviewUsually
      M420Liaoning NWS Interview 
      M521Shandong NWS InterviewUsually
      M618Liaoning NWS Interview 
      M718Jiangsu NWS InterviewUsually
      M819Hunan NWS InterviewUsually
      M919Anhui NWS Interview 
      M1019Jilin NWS Interview

Further details about this corpus can be found from David Deterding

Work on this corpus was supported by a grant from the National Institute of Education Academic Research project NIE: RI 1/03 LEL: Theoretical Speech Research and its Practical Implications.

Other researchers are welcome to use this data, as long as they acknowledge the source.