Images of Nepal - September 2006

street scene in the old city of Kathmandu    

courtyard in the old city of Kathmandu    

beers after a hard day's walking    

the Durban Square in Kathmandu    

old royal palace, Durban Square    

temples in Durban Square    

inner courtyard of the Kumari Palace    
Durban Square    

Durban Square in Patan    
just south of Kathmandu    

temple in Durban Square, Patan    

the main Hindu temple in Kathmandu    

preparing the body for cremation    

a cremation    
at the end, the ashes are swept into the river    
and they eventually get carried into the Ganges    

sunrise from our bedroom window in Pokhara    

the Annapurna Range after sunrise    

our guide and his wife    
outside their house in Pokhara    
his father is upstairs    

our guide and his daughter    
outside their house in Chitwan    
the house is built of mud and bamboo    

an elephant and her baby going for a walk in Chitwan    

this elephant took us for a walk in the forest    
rather hot, but quite interesting    
we didn't see any tigers though    

sunset in Chitwan    

now, where did I put the glass?    

our chalet in Nagarkot    
in the hills just east of Kathmandu    

sunset in Nagarkot