00 I Do you speak Chinese?
01 S Er ya erm I do, yeah.
03 I At home do you speak Chinese?
04 S Erm yes, to my mother and ... brother.
06 I It's interesting you ha ...
08 you don't sound like you have strong links to China,
11 even though you speak Chinese at home.
13 S Oh ... erm I'm s ... I I suppose sort of like a perception and ...
17 stereotypes you know people have of ...
20 Chinese people in Mainland basically, yeah.
24 I Right, right. Would you like to go to Taiwan perhaps?
26 Would you have links there?
27 S Erm Taiwan yeah and ...
29 I think that..that..that would be a nice place to go to with the pop culture.
34 I The pop culture?
34 S Yeah, rather interesting.
36 I What's the pop culture of Taiwan?
38 S Oh, I mean, you've got the Mandarin pop scene, and that's ...
41 heavily associated with ... the one in Hong Kong ...
44 I Right.
45 S So, yeah.