00 I What about Europe? Would you go to Europe?
02 S No, I don't think so.
03 I Why not?
05 S Well ... Europe erm ... d..well,
08 I mean I'm sure there are lots of stuff to see there with all the architecture
11 and all the history and stuff like that, but ...
13 I think I'll give Europe a miss.
14 I Give Europe a miss.
15 S (ha ha) Yeah.
16 I What about China or [ Japan?
17 S [ Oh defin..definitely not China.
19 I Why not China? You're so d..adamant you don't like China.
21 S Yeah, erm, yeah, I mean I'm quite sure I wouldn't go China.
24 I Why's that?
26 S Well, erm ... d..no, I just don't seem too interested in the place.
29 I Not interested in China.
30 S Yeah.