00 I OK, can I ask you what you did during your last vacation.
03 S Er went on a holiday.
05 I Where did you go to?
06 S Went to Melbourne, Australia.
08 I What did you do there?
09 S Er basically just relax, you know, erm ...
12 get away from all the stresses and stuff like that ...
15 I Right?
15 S from the university.
16 I Do you friends in Melbourne?
18 S Erm yes, I've got quite a few, yeah.
20 I Quite a few friends. Is that family? Or just er ...
22 S Erm, no, erm because I went ...
24 I've been to Australia a couple of times ...
26 so ... you know, from there you know, get to know people ...
29 and ... you know that's how I got friends.
33 I Do you have Singaporean friends, or Australians, or ... ?
35 S Erm ... some Hong Kongers, you know, Australian friends, you know,
40 some Singaporean friends.
41 I So you often go to ---