00 I What do you do. Are you a student? Or are you working?
02 S I'm er ... still a student, yeah.
03 I What are you studying?
05 S Er ... drama ... and performance ... and yeah.
07 I Yeah?
07 S Hmm..mm.
08 I Do you enjoy that?
10 S Yeah, definitely ... I'm enjoying it. But er ...
14 well, it's I'm kind of hitting a rough patch, because I hate doing research work and ...
18 (sigh) yeah ... what I'm supposed to do now is a lot of research work
21 a lot of reading a lot of yeah.
23 I A lot of reading. What what's your research on?
26 S Well ... I was thinking about doing on something on the effects of erm ...
29 postmodernism on theatre ... in Singapore, but (tch) ... still thinking about it.
36 It's a little too broad for me to er ... figure out, I think.
39 I Is that a popular topic nowadays po..postmodernism?
42 S Mmm ... yeah definitely I think postmodernism is more of a ...
45 well ... it's more of a ... cultural phenomenon than anything nowadays.
50 It's become so much of a catch phrase, it almost a cliche in itself, yeah ... er yeah.