00 I Have you been to other countries like Australia or places like that?
03 S Er, nope.
05 I No? Would you [ like to go there?
06 S [ Yeah. Definitely.
08 I What country would you most like to go to if you could go anywhere?
11 S Erm ... I think probably ... France maybe.
13 I Why France?
14 S Yeah, 'cos it's ... well you know the cliche that it's very romantic
19 and so beautiful, I don't know ... just want to see the people over there and
22 the language itself is very beautiful.
25 I Can you speak French?
26 S Nope, not at all.
27 I What languages can you speak?
28 S Ah, Chinese, English and er Cantonese
31 I [ Cantonese
31 S [ yeah, so it's like my dialect, yeah.
33 I Yeah?
33 S Yeah.
33 I What do you speak at home?
34 S Er ... Chinese most of the ... mostly ... yeah ww..and English to my sis if we're in
40 some kind of er ... domestic conspiracy and we're trying to hide something from
44 our parents.
45 I Because they can't understand?
45 S Yeah because they can't understand English. Damn, yup.
48 I OK. What do you speak outside of the home?
51 S Erm most of the time a mixture of erm ... Chinese and ...
54 erm no Mandarin and er English, yeah.