00 I Have you been to other countries nearby?
02 S Mmm .... Indonesia, is it nearby? Yeah.
04 I I guess so.
04 S Malaysia, yeah ... [ I suppose.
07 I [ Do you like Indonesia?
08 S Indonesia ... well er ... (tch) well, sort of
10 but I didn't get to see a lot of Indonesia
12 because I was over there for er ... this ... sort of like exchange programme
17 I did when I was in National Service. The whole unit went over there as a, yeah
21 I Yeah?.
21 S and we tried out that combat ration. The combat ration is definitely better
24 than Singapore's.
25 I Right. Where were you in Indonesia?
26 S Er ... Surabaya.
28 I Right. Was that nice?
29 S Something to do with NTU engineering students but never mind.
31 I Yeah.
31 S Yeah. It was a nice place.
33 I How long did you stay there?
34 S Oh erm ... for about ... I think we had two days of er R and R rest and relax
39 and the rest of the time we were er ... having this conducting this joint
43 exercise together with the Indonesian troops ... yeah but the food at the
47 army camp itself was terrible.
48 I Right.
49 S Yeah.