00 I Wa..was that fun?
01 S It was er ... fun ... but sleepless, ah,
05 because they're ... they were making so much noise and having
08 a lot of fun and and basically they chat through the night.
11 I Right. So that was that was er ... a lot of fun, was it?
15 S Yes, I guess so.
16 I There's a lot of mosquitos at Changi, aren't there?
18 S Yes there is, ah, and erm ...
20 there are many other sights to be seen there.
24 I Right. When did you go there?
25 S I went there about erm ... two years back.
29 I Two years back, right, as part of a school trip?
32 S No, it was organised by ... old classmates.
34 I Old classmates, [ right.
35 S [ That's right.