00 I You, have you ever been abroad?
02 S Yes, ah ... I've ... been abroad once and er
06 the furthest I went is erm ... Malaysia.
09 I Malaysia, so you've never been further than Malaysia.
11 Where did you go in Malaysia?
13 S I went to Johor Bahru in Malaysia.
15 I That's the only ... only place you've been.
16 S [ Yes, that's right.
16 I [ Would you like to go ... other places?
18 S Mmm ... yah the place I will like to go ... for my honeymoon will be Japan.
23 I Japan, why Japan?
26 S Because I've always heard about the ... how beautiful they are the ...
30 the peach blossoms are and er ... I like to see for myself.
33 I Right, right.