00 I Do you like to play computer games?
02 S Yes, I do
03 I Do you spend a lot time play computer games?
05 S Mmm ... yes, but er now since I've entered the teaching profession,
09 I've cut down ... a lot mmm ...
12 but when I am in secondary school and junior college,
15 I used to spend more time in computer games.
17 I Do you find that that was a bit damaging ... it took too much time?
20 S Yes, they do ah ... more or less they do affect your ... grades but erm ...
25 computer games does stimulate the brain and it ...
30 actually makes one person more creative and er
32 responsive to situations.
34 I Right, so maybe all all students should be playing more computer games.
37 S Yes er especially the those ... computer games there are those that are educational and ...
43 I guess we can promote them in school.
45 I Yeah? Yes er that's interesting.