00 I Yeah, does your church organise quite a lot of trips
03 like that?
04 S Yeah, actually we do it almost um ... quarterly. There
07 are people that's going on and off. There are people that
10 they'll go ... almost throughout the year ... it's at different
13 different districts different ministries will go ... at different
16 time of the years.
16 I Right.
17 S Yeah.
18 I And to other countries as well India?
19 S To other countries.
20 I Have you been to other countries?
21 S Er ... sorry, as in for missions trip?
23 I Yeah.
23 S Er.
24 I For the for for your church.
25 S No, no. That's that first time I went
27 I Right.
27 S Yeah.
28 I Might you go somewhere else?
29 S As in for.
30 I To Thailand, or Cambodia or.
32 S For trip for.
33 I For for your church.
35 S For no no no. This the first time I been to a missions
37 trip.
38 I But er you you you'll have other opportunities will you?
40 S Yeah, yeah. If have I would ... go to ... yeah I would
44 probably go to the ... so called third world countries.
48 I Third world countries ... yeah.
49 S Yeah.