00 I Is that the first time you've been to India?
02 S Yeah, that's the first time I've been to India.
04 I Is that the furthest you've been away from Singapore?
06 S No.
07 I Where else have you been?
08 S I've been to New Zealand. The furthest I think ... is
10 New Zealand ... yeah.
11 I Right. What were you doing in New Zealand?
13 S On on holidays with my parents.
16 I Where did you go?
17 S Er Auckland.
18 I Right.
18 S Yeah.
19 I Did you lin ... enjoy it there?
20 S Er ... yes.
22 I What did you do there?
23 S Just went about ... looking at farms and ... shopping.
27 That's all. Yeah, nothing much.
29 I Did you stay on a farm?
31 S Er, no. We stayed in a motel.
33 I You stayed in a motel, right.
34 S Yeah.
34 I Would you like to go on a farm stay?
36 S Um ... if there's a chance I would like to try ... yeah.
39 I So where ... do you think you'll go to Australia or New
41 Zealand for a farm stay?
42 S Um ... maybe.