00 I What did you do during your vacation?
03 S Er ... during my vacation actually I went for missions
06 trip to India.
07 I To India.
08 S Yeah.
09 I What part of India did you go to?
10 S Er ... towards ... small part in Hyderabad it's er actually a
12 city Kurnool.
13 I Alright.
14 S Yeah.
15 I What did you do there?
16 S We actually went there with ... er it's a small group of
19 around ten persons ten people ... er including two of my
22 pastors. We are there to ... to sort of equip the church ...
26 with the tools for for ... being ... er cell-based church so
31 called small groups so the church can can can ... work in
33 small groups.
34 I So you helped to build the church?
35 S Er no, no, we are there sort of as a consultant ... my pastors
39 are like consultants to a church over there.
41 I Right.