00 S [ Audience.
00 I [ Did people get the message, or did they have to ask about
03 the message?
04 S I think they had to ask about the message um they had to
07 update, they gave us a few choices and ... yeah because ... if
12 puttumayam was that central why wasn't it ... there {?persaying it?},
17 why didn't we see a visual representation of er ... why didn't
20 we see the aud- the the cast eating the puttumayam. No, but um ...
25 because I wanted the notion of renewal to come up stronger because
29 it's a ... it's an opening of a new shop no man was actually ... the man
33 committed suicide very ... in the vicinity of ... a shop was shop which
39 was ... opening ... um ... it it sold puttamayam ... so it was opening
44 and and ... the man man wanted to see it for the last time before
49 woman took him away and yeah ... basically.