00 I Why do you want to go to Japan? Why why is that particularly
03 [ interesting?
03 S [ Well ... I have learned Japanese ever since I was young and I
06 have learned for many years ... and basically interested in their in
10 their culture not forgetting their games I am very interested in their
12 games and their comics ... yeah. Um ... going there to ... buy new
17 games and game machine.
18 I So is your Japanese very good?
21 S Erm OK lah. I mean like I still can talk to them I can smoke out but er.
25 I Yeah, have you er ever really spoken to many Japanese people?
29 S Well there's a few time Japanese er approach me they think I I I I
33 they think I look Japanese to them ah, I'm not very sure because er ...
36 there's one time they approach me ask me ah, where certain place is so I
39 just told them ... hey usually the guys approach me lah, er never had the the
43 female Japanese approaching me. That's sad lah.
44 I That's sad.
45 S That's sad.
46 I You'd like to meet some female Japanese would you?
48 S That says more. That's yeah ... that's what I wish for yeah.
51 I Do you ---