00 S Yah.
01 I You, so you didn't go away anywhere during the vacation?
04 S Um ... no, I didn't have any escape ... no I don't think so
07 I just spent my time at home lazing around.
09 I Right.
09 S Yah.
10 I Have you ever been abroad?
12 S I rode I... The furthest I've ever been to is Indonesia to
14 attend my friends wedding and that's the furthest I've ever went.
16 I Right.
17 S Yeah.
18 I Where was that held?
19 S Er ... in Jakarta. Yeah, there's this um I'm not sure where's the
23 place er.
24 I Do you like Jakarta?
25 S Um ... not really ah. Um ... the traffic there is quite horrible I
30 mean like ... although people there is quite ok lah I mean they are
32 quite ok but er ... I guess it's just the place it's just too big and er ...
36 travelling from point to point is really very er ... a big headache.
39 I Yeah.
40 S I remember ... um ... at during the wedding I stayed ... usually
42 I stay in a hotel room doing nothing ... just lazing around there
46 yah ... just waiting for the ceremony to begin, that's it...
48 I Right