00 I Right, so what did you do then?
02 S Er ... aw we panic ... we really panic ... because we
06 were really cold ... and er it was at ten to eleven. The thing
09 is that why ... usually Australia you know in Gold Coast
12 there are lots of er hotels and motels. We are short of cash
16 we do not want to go to those ... er the how do those high
19 ends um ... hotels ... so um ... we actually wanted I ... my
25 friend want to you know stay in a hotel but I say no I I want
28 to save the money for other things, so I want to ... stay in
30 the backpackers.
31 I Hmm.
32 S So so really cheap ... so I couldn't er get the place and er
35 the first thing I did that time was because it was ten to eleven
39 we thought of know going to the casino ... where by you know
42 it's open ... [twelve at night.
43 I [So, you'll stay all night gambling.