00 S Um ... [Let's see.
01 I [Do you like Australia?
02 S Ah yes, I like Australia. The first thing that strikes me ...
06 er ... about Australia is that it's very cooling.
08 I Really.
09 S [Yeah
09 I [It's cool. It's cooler than Singapore?
11 S Yeah, I went at um May I went in May ... and um ...
14 I think that was Autumn then.
15 I Right.
16 S So, um ... yah it's very cooling then and ... not unlike in
20 Singapore when because I I sweat a lot ... so every time I walk
23 out of you know er in the streets in Singapore I would ... be ...
27 my whole shirt will be soak ... with sweat ok so ... um I like
31 Australia ... that was my first feeling.