00 I And that kampung no longer exists, is that right?
02 S No, it's now occupied by Novena MRT Station.
05 I Right. Do you do you miss that kampung? Was that a nice time there?
08 S Yes, of course, childhood time is always the best.
11 I Er, are there any kampungs left in Singapore now?
15 S (ha) Not that I know of (ha).
16 I Do you think that's very sad?
18 S Yes, definitely ... because the ... image of erm ...
22 Singapore is ... is erm ... vanishing.
26 I Yeah, not so friendly any more.
28 S (ha ha) In a way.
29 I When you go to Indonesia or Malaysia, does it make you ...
33 er remember your childhood?
35 S Yes, yes, erm because they ... still retain their ...
38 their erm image.