00 I It doesn't seem to be a very good ...
01 erm time to invest at the moment, do you think?
05 S Erm, of course it will the, looking at the short-term ... erm ...
08 it's not advisable to ... to plunge in, ah ...
11 but if you were t-- look at the ... long-term say ...
14 er five to ten year period ... can consider investing.
17 I Where would you invest if you were going to invest now?
22 S Erm, probably in stocks that ... they can earn er
25 long-term ... high returns.
28 I Er in America? Or in China? Or, where where would you invest?
33 S Of course, er ... starting point is in Singapore.
35 I In Singapore.
36 S Mmm, yes.
37 I You think the Singapore economy is quite stable.
41 S Erm, at least it's erm sustainable if not erm ...
45 better than ... last year.