00 I Yeah? What was your previous job?
02 S I worked in a church ... yeah, so erm,
04 sometimes we'd hold retreats in Malaysia
07 I Yeah?
07 S Yes.
07 I How long did you work in the church?
09 S About ... five years or so.
13 I Yeah?
14 S Yes.
14 I But why did you leave to become a teacher?
16 Is it your real vocation?
18 S I've always wanted to be a teacher (ha ha).
20 I Always [ want-- ...
21 S [ And even when, yeah, I was working in the church, I was ...
23 more active in the role as a ... teacher than anything else.
26 I Yeah?
27 S Yes.
27 I So this is your dream, is it?
28 S Yes.