00 I Er, what other countries have you been to?
02 S I've been to ... er Lake Toba, in Indonesia ...
06 erm the lake was beautiful, erm ...
09 I l-- I I love the mountain range ... yes.
12 I Yeah? Have you been anywhere else in Indonesia?
17 S I don't think so, I I I remember the bli-- oh yes Medan ...
21 that's right.
22 I [ Medan.
22 S [ It it was a tour package, and ... we went to Lake Toba, Medan,
23 and one other place, I can't remember the name.
27 I Yeah? Did you like Medan?
31 S Not particularly, it was ... kind of backward (ha) so ...
34 I Right, [ right.
35 S [ Yes, I'm used to all the creature comforts and all.
37 I Yeah? You like things to be comfortable.
39 S Yes.
39 I What ---