00 I Have you ever taken her abroad before?
03 S No, I've not.
04 I Right. Where would you like to take her if you could take her anywhere?
09 S A cool country right (ha ha) now everything is so ... warm.
12 I Right. But does she find it hot? Or is it just you that finds it hot?
16 S I think all of us find it ... very warm ... here yes.
19 I Right. So what cool country would you like to take her to?
22 S Well erm Australia'd be fine, I I've been there before and ...
27 it was a very enjoyable and ... experience ... erm ...
32 I would like to go to ... erm America, UK but it it's a bit far.
37 The time spent travelling, I am not sure she would survive that,
40 you know, the number of hours in the aeroplane.
42 I Yeah?