00 I And do you take her other places as well?
02 S Yes erm ... there's a shortage of places to go, to go actually,
07 so what I did was I ... took her to the airport.
10 I take her to the airport sometimes, and w-- she will play
12 in the playground, and we'll walk around there, you know,
15 the spacious halls.
16 I Right?
17 S Yeah.
17 I Does does she like to look at the ... aeroplanes?
21 S Well she would look at them because I will pointed them to her,
24 but I I don't think it's a particular fascination for her.
27 I Right. She hasn't ask to fly in an aeroplane yet?
30 S No (ha ha) she has not.
31 I Do you think in the future she'd really like to go abroad?
35 S Probably erm ...
37 I Yeah?
37 S As the parents, you know, you must interest her you know in in ...
41 the things that she's experiencing right now, talk to her,
44 explain to her things then she would understand and ... [ enjoy it.
48 I [ Right.