00 I You you registered your marriage. Does that mean you got married?
03 Or does that mean you'll get married later?
05 S Er ... we'll get married later erm and that's the customary part, but erm ...
11 er legally we are already married.
13 I Does that mean you're married or not married?
15 S Well erm ... I'm married (ha ha).
19 I Right. And and you live together? And you have a house [ now?
21 S [ No er we haven't because erm we j-- er according to the Chinese ... tradition,
26 we have to get customarily married first before we can ... er live together, yeah.
30 I And when will that be?
32 S I guess that will be after my graduation ...
35 in er year two thousand and three ... July (ha).
38 I Such a long wait.
39 S Yes (ha ha).
40 I You don't want to get married a bit earlier?
43 S Well er I would love ... to but ... we have to get ... I have to get myself
47 financially prepared as well ah, before er we get married so ...
51 I guess that's very important.