00 I What do they do there?
02 S Um ok, so there this special program where they send
05 like some celebrity over to ... any country of their ... interest,
08 and what they do is they give them a limited budget ...
11 so if they do ... they run out of money what they have to do
14 is they have to go and do ... some work or they are given challenges,
17 and if they ... pass the challenges then they will get to get some award ...
22 you know in return.
23 I Is that a good program?
25 S Er... it's quite interesting.
26 I Quite interesting. In Chinese?
27 S Yes, it's in Chinese.
29 I Right, do you quite often watch Chinese TV?
31 S Er ... nnn ... not as often as I watch ... the ... American programs.
35: I American programs.
36: S Yah.
37: I And Channel U is ---