00 I You have been quite a few times, have you?
02 S Yes.
02 I How many times have you been?
02 S I can't remember (ha ha) It's been ... quite a few times.
05 I You do a lot of travelling?
06 S Er, yeah, because um ... in my old job, I had to travel a lot.
10 I What was your old job?
11 S I was a flight attendant. (ha ha)
13 I Flight attendant, right. How long did you do that for?
15 S Seven years.
16 I Really?
16 S Yeah,
16 I Did you enjoy it?
17 S Erm ... for the first ... 5 years I did ...
19 then the last 2 years, it sort of went down hill
22 and I [ had to quit.
22 I [ Why was that?
23 S Oh, just didn't enjoy. I was flying ...
25 I mean I was flying to the same places, which is OK
27 but um the job itself lost er ... any appeal, so
30 I Right.
30 S Yeah.