00 I Have you been to China?
01 S Er yes, I've been to Beijing and ... Shanghai.
03 I Right. Could you be understood in [ Beijing?
04 S [ Ah yes, they're quite amazed at ...
06 I mean, because obviously I don't look Chinese ...
08 they they are amazed I can actually speak it.
10 And to them, my accent is ... the correct ... accent.
14 I Right.
14 S You know, and what they speak the putonghua is ...
17 the non ... er formal Chinese.
20 I Right.
20 S Yeah.
20 I So the accent in ... in Beijing is ... a little bit strange [ is it?
24 S [ Yeah, it's very guttural, and they speak from ...
26 like really the back of the throat.
28 I Did you have difficulty understanding them?
30 S Er no not not not ... not initia.. er yes initially,
33 but after a while then I I I ... I sort of understood ... erm
35 yeah how to differentiate certain words.
38 I Right.
38 S Yeah.
38 I How long did you stay in Beijing?
41 S Er, usually ... er when I do go it's like ...
43 when I did go now and then it would be ...
45 from two ... from three to maybe five days.
48 I Right.
(Note: putonghua = "spoken Chinese" (lit. "common speech"))