00 S Paris is beautiful ... as a city,
02 the buildings are k-- amazing,
03 but the people there tend to be a bit erm ...
06 reserved ...
07 I Mmm.
07 S with foreigners.
08 I Yeah?
08 S Yeah.
09 I Can you ... um make yourself understood in in Paris ... [ in French?
11 S [ I ... yeah I I learned French in school, so I ... can get by ...
15 although it's, I am not expert at it ... but um it it works ...
18 it help it helped me while I was there.
20 I Right.
20 S Yup.
21 I Are people quite ... er um tolerant of your French, if it's not ...
24 S (ha ha ha) Oh, they sort of look at you with a smirk, and then er
28 you know but they they appreciate it for the fact you try ...
31 and then they er will just speak to you in English.
33 I Is that right?
33 S Yes.
34 I But most P..Paris ... Parisians can't speak English, can they?
37 S No actually erm ... the younger ones they can,
39 they have quite a good grasp of it,
40 perhaps the older ... shopkeepers ...
43 you know, they might not unders..understand.
45 Erm ... um they may not speak English,
47 but they can understand what you are trying to say,
49 and then ... when you you you just add a bit of French words here and there,
51 you can get..you get a conversation going.
53 I Right, right.