01 I OK, can you tell me where you went last December?
03 S Erm, I went to Bankok.
05 I What did you do there?
07 S Er it was just for a ...
08 um four-day-three-night erm short shopping holiday
12 I Right.
13 S Yes.
13 I Did you enjoy it?
14 S Er ... it was OK, I've been there before, so I ...
16 er sort of knew ... where to go ...
19 I Right.
19 S for [ the shops.
19 I [ What did you buy when you there?
21 S Actually nothing much because in the end um ...
23 a lot of the prices have gone up,
25 from what it used to be even a year ago.
27 I Right?
27 S [ Yeah.
28 I [ So it's no longer cheaper than Singapore?
30 S Nn er nn ... it is still cheaper than Singapore,
32 but it's not as worth it to fly all the way there to buy those things.
35 I Right, [ right.
35 S [ Yeah.