00 I Where would you like to go if you could go
01 anywhere in the world?
02 S OK, the next plan I guess we are going to ... er ... UK
06 I [ UK.
07 S [ this coming holidays.
09 I Don't you think you will find UK is too laid back?
11 S (tch) Ah, that's what my mum said, she went last er June ...
16 er ... I've yet to find out, I guess.
17 I Right. You're going there next year?
19 S This year.
20 I What time?
21 S Er ... November.
23 I Right.
23 S [ Yeah.
23 I [ Where will you go in the UK?
24 S I think it's Leicester.
26 I Just er Leicester, you have family there?
28 S Yeah my brothers are there.
29 I Oh, right. Are they studying there?
31 S Yes.
32 I Leicester University?
33 S No Loughborough.
34 I Loughborough, right, right. [ That's very cent---
35 S [ I think you know one of them.
37 I Right.