00 I OK, can I ask you what you did during your last vacation.
03 S Didn't do anything. [ I was just at home.
I [ You didn't do anything at all?
06 S No, not really. I was ... yah ... at home ...
08 with the children ... entertaining them ... [ yet (??).
12 I [ How old are your children?
13 S um ... The older one is er P3 ... nine years old,
17 the younger one is er P2.
20 I OK. What would you like to do with them when you entertain them?
22 What do you do with them?
23 S It's a variety ... mostly I think what we do is like erm ... (tch)
29 art activities, modelling, drawing, cutting, pasting, that kind of thing.
33 I Do you take ---
(note: P2 = Primary School Year 2; P3 = Primary School Year 3)