00 I And before that, you were a part-time teacher?
02 S I was doing relief teaching for one year ...
04 and then ... um ... two years in NIE ... IE, at that..that time,
08 it was known as IE.
10 I [ Yeah.
10 S [ It was..I was th..th ... I..it was not a diploma ...
13 course at that time, it was a certificate in education ...
16 so that's why I'm here now, to get that diploma (ha).
19 I Yeah? Have you always
20 S [ And the degree.
20 I [ wanted to become a teacher?
21 S No, not really, to tell you the truth, I wanted to be an engineer,
24 that was my first choice.
26 I [ Mmm.
26 S [ but I applied to NUS and they didn't ... accept my application.