00 I It's a real problem for er ... p..parents
02 if they're working, isn't it?
03 S Yah, most of the parents are..are working and ...
05 because the camp is..it is very expensive, it's not for any kind of ...
09 even for me, if I were to send my children,
10 I don't think I can afford it.
12 I Right, right.
13 S Yeah.
13 I So it's mainly for brighter children? Or people who are ambitious?
17 S Um ... they would ... there'd various kind of people
20 most of them are actually ... are really doing well in their school ...
23 very few of them are ... even there are
26 some of them who are sponsored by ... the schools in this another cluster ...
30 I Right.
30 S and they are selected ... from ... er by the school teachers,
34 so they are probably among the top students in the school anyway.
36 I Right.