00 I How long did it last?
01 S This camp was ... erm it was I think three weeks,
05 but I was only working for two weeks.
07 I Right. And you stayed in the camp, did you?
08 S No. It was ... er it is a ... day camp, nine to five.
12 I Right. Did..what did you ... what did you teach?
14 What sciences did you teach?
15 S We have to do experiments like ...
17 an average of about nine experiments in one day.
20 So it's very tiring because you need to ... be c..on constantly on your toes ...
25 and mentally alert ... even it's..if it's during the break ...
28 you still have to sit with them, and eat with them and ...
31 it's like ... totally ... hundred per cent concentration throughout nine to five.
36 I Right.