00 I So you can't go abroad a..a..any more ... at all?
02 S Yeah, anyway, I think I need to earn more money first ...
05 before I go to Nepal.
07 I Right.
08 S Yeah, [ after that.
08 I [ So, which do you prefer, Nepal or Tibet, which one is more interesting?
11 S I think I want to go to ... Nepal first.
14 I Why Nepal?
15 S Because there are more things to do ... I'm quite sure.
18 I Right. You want to go trekking in the mountains?
21 S Er, yah. I mean, like those that I can handle.
22 I mean I would ... I cannot go like ...
24 abseiling and all that, you know.
But I think ... some amount of trekking I think I should be able to handle.
29 I Yah.
29 S Yes. [ Yeah.
29 I [ You ---