00 S [ Mmm.
00 I [ What about Australia?
01 S Mmm, I mean it's OK. It's a very friendly place, I would think.
05 I Where ...
05 S [ It's like..
05 I [ Where have you been in Australia?
06 S Oh, just Gold Coast. Just Gold Coast. Hmm.
09 I Er, in Brisbane? Or, erm, just further south?
13 S Brisbane.
14 Brisbane. And er we didn't spend too much time there actually
16 because er we were on a budget.
18 I OK.
18 S Yah, but we actually could walk around.
20 It ww it was very easy ... to walk around the area
22 Yah, I wouldn't be ff sure if I were to go to Europe,
25 you know what I mean.
26 It's like if Continental Europe at least.
28 I Yeah?
28 S Yah.
29 I Whi (?)
29 S So