00 I Do you like KL?
01 S No. Not really.
03 I Why not?
03 S Because it's very busy, and the traffic is horrible.
07 I Really.
08 S Yes.
08 I Er is it much worse than Singapore, [ is it?
10 S [ Definitely.
11 I So you
11 S [Hundred times worse.
I [ need to go to KL do you?
13 S I hate to go, but it's because ...
15 I mean but I have to go ... to accompany my parents, so.
18 I Why don't you tell the relatives to come here?
20 S (ha ha ha) Because there's so many of them, and ...
23 I don't think they can fit into my smaller ... flat.
26 I OK.
26 S Yeah.