00 I But if if during Ramadhan, if you don't drink water,
03 do you find that you get very thirsty?
05 S Surprisingly ... no, 'cos I think I'm ... used to it ...
yeah so ... I don't feel ... the hunger pangs or the thirst.
13 I OK.
13 S Yeah.
14 I Where do you like to eat lunch during ... er term time usually?
18 S Erm ... out of ...
21 shortage of time, I've no choice but to eat at NIE Canteen,
24 but I think the food at Canteen A is ... much better.
28 I Right.
28 S Yeah
28 I A .. and you never go over to Canteen A?
30 S Yah, I do, I do. Whevener I've ... the ... chance
34 or the time to spare, so ... I'll go there
34 I Yeah.
35 S Yeah.