00 I What about the Peak? What happens on the Peak [ that's so ...
02 S [ The Peak's good. We took a walk from ... where they stayed up erm
05 to the Peak with their dog ...
08 and up on the Peak there's this ...
10 restaurant that you can bring the dog to ... ern in as well,
13 so we had lunch there and lots of kids come and played with the dog,
16 and I learnt how to say ern ... cos it's a Dalmatian,
19 so every time you walk past the children, the children will point and they will go,
23 "ban tim kau" which is Dalmatian in Cantonese and I don't speak Cantonese,
27 so after a while I turned around and ta.. er told my friend,
29 so see I only (ha) learnt a new Cantonese words,
31 cos all the kids were like "ban tim kau", "ban tim kau" (ha ha).
34 I So you have one word in Cantonese it's "ban tim kau"?
37 S Yeah, and also "mm kuoi" which is thank you (haha).
39 I "Mm kuoi", so you've two words in Cantonese.
41 S Very good (haha).