00 I What did you do in Hong Kong?
02 S Ern, spent two weeks in Hong Kong, went around the entire ... place,
08 there is have you been to Hong Kong?
10 I Yes.
10 S And the Hong Kong Island side, and the Kowloon side ... I stayed at the Peak ...
15 ern, it's my friend's place so ... we ... basically went everywhere,
19 cos in two weeks you can cover like the whole of Hong Kong.
22 I Your friend must be very rich.
24 S (ha) Oh everyone says that but ... they're just kind of like average cos ...
28 his dad is a lawyer and works for the government,
31 so at the Peak there's this whole area where it's like the government apartments,
35 so they get to stay there for free ... well sort of for free ...
38 yeah but you have to work for them.
40 I Mmm. But it's a ra-rather a special place to live, isn't it?
44 S Mm ... well compared to the rest of Hong Kong,
45 I think yeah it's pretty good (haha).
48 It's really nice and cold up there cos it's winter now ...
50 yeah that's why you and I we're perspiring (ha ha)
52 so badly (ha ha) in the air-conditioned room.