00 I You find it easier to study even though you have to study on your own?
04 S Yeah in some sense yeah (ha) and I was kind of in a holiday mood (ha ha).
08 I So you spent a lot of time on the beaches did you?
11 S Yyyy ... yeah picked up well ... not really as much as I really wanted to,
15 wanted to pick up surfing but I didn't 'cos ...
18 when we went in June was winter ...
21 so for the waters to warm up it was erm ... about ...
25 I guess about October and ... it's the wind is quite cold,
29 it's sunny but the wind is quite cold so the water is still quite cold but ...
33 we got into the water a couple of times but I didn't pick up surfing,
36 I picked up rock climbing.
37 I Picked up rock climbing?
38 S Mm-mm.
39 I Are you good at rock climbing?
40 S Erm ... fairly (ha ha) ... satisfactory.